I was in the local newspaper yesterday

I was in the local newspaper yesterday

Somehow and for some reason the El Progresso de Lugo newspaper noticed my LLX meetings and conducted and interview with me and some of the atendees. The article was published yesterday, Sunday the 28th of August. Sadly there’s no online version available. Also...

LLX website 2.0

The website for my LLX, my weekly language and cultural exchange has reached the point I’d call “2.0” Any additions I’ll be making in the coming months will only be to content. I have to share more of the answers to my word albums, add a...

Me world, world, me

This is the first  entry in my blog. I don’t yet have a theme for the blog. I’m kind hoping there isn’t one, if that’s possible. It’s just a place to put my thoughts into words. Grammar and syntax are not the priority